Camp is near Zipolite Beach, on the Costa Chica of Oaxaca, the shore of the Sierra Madre del Sur of Mexico. Zipolite has numerous beaches, beautiful natural places and mountains with magical villages around it. 

Camp Facilities:

  • 20-person conversation/aqua-therapy sand-bottom mineral pool
  • 12-person sauna
  • outdoor warm showers
  • air-conditioned massage/bodywork space
  • gathering spaces in our garden, patio, chill space, fire circle, and beach shelter
  • two 100㎡ studios with stage lighting and sound systems—Zipolite’s biggest movement/workshop spaces
  • WiFi and mobile data reception

Nudity – social nudity is normal at Camp, and only mandatory in the pool and sauna area.

Social architecture — Though private quarters are available, most of Camp is designed for connection. During waking hours, sleeping berths in spartan rooms (“ashramic” said one visitor) encourage retreatants to favour the communal spaces. The patio, sauna for 12, warmed sand-bottom mineral pool, and communal dining tables welcome interaction. Or refuge in a hammock, our comfy chill space, or the beach. 

Climate — you will find sun all year long with an average temperature of 30°C (86°F). In the so-called dry season of October-May, the air usually feels a little dryer and therefore cooler than in the summer. After the first rains in May, you can witness the florescence of nature to lush green surroundings. Many people prefer the “rainy season,” which does not mean that it rains every day for four months. Typically, there may be a brief thunderstorm every few evenings or days with sun emerging afterwards.

Find Camp — on [] Google Maps a 60-min taxi from Huatulco airport (HUX) or 90-min taxi from Puerto Escondido airport (PXM). Frequent and low-cost bus and connecting colectivo services via nearby San Pedro Pochutla are also findable a short walk just outside the airports. In its entirety, Zipolite is about 2km long, so there is no need for a car. Taxis and colectivos are abundant. 

Address Camp Calle Las Casitas, Arroyo Tres. Santa Maria Tonameca, Oaxaca 70947. México

Other options for accommodation  — If you would like to have a private room during the event you can book this separately at the following nearby venues. You will be asked to keep isolation from other people that are not participating at T&P.


This gathering will be sourcing tools from Open Spaces technology. If this is new to you feel free to read up on this concept. In short all participants are asked to suggest to offerings they would like to share during the event. These will be printed and available at the venue to read. Everybody will vote for the proposals that most inspire them. Based on the interest of the group the curation team will each evening populate the schedule for the next day. Additional ideas can also be added to allow for adhoc offerings and the following of any emerging threads or interests.

The early mornings will be reserved for contemplative movement practices. After breakfast there will be two simulteanous offerings till lunch time. After lunch there will be a short break and then another two community proposals. After dinner there will be an open movement, jam and /or play space. (exact schedule coming soon)

In this gathering we are specially interested in expand and question our own conceptions of what is sexuality, and keep awareness on the margins so we take off with everyone thriving on board!


We will provide mainly vegetarian combined with omnivorous meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) made by Alexis, a Mexican Chef. Fill out the dietary needs in the registration form.

We will all contribute with the cleaning shifts during the week.


Earlybird $270 to 700 sliding scale

Normal tickets $350 to $700 sliding scale

Work Exchange or other: $150 (after agreement by email )

Gathering and food only: $300 (accommodation booked separately, agreement by email needed)

Prices will rise up on the 10th of March. In order to benefit from earlybird ticket your transfer has to be done maximum that day.


Arrive anytime after 2:00pm on the day your stay begins. Bedding is provided, although you will need to make your bed upon arrival. On your departure day, we ask that you remove all belongings from your space before 11:00am. The festival will end on March 26th at noon. If there is no group arrival scheduled, you are welcome to remain on the property until 2:00pm. In case you want to stay after the Touch&Play please contact Camp.


Organizing international gatherings produces an increase in CO2 emissions and this is something that troubles us. As a gesture and part of a larger philosophical framework the Touch&Play Project Carbon Offsets the travel emissions of teachers and organizers to and from the event venue. We ask all participants to do the same. You can do this by paying a bit extra when booking your flight. You can also donate an amount to one of the many carbon offset projects you can find online. Finally, we offer you the possibility to make a contribution during the event to be added to the funds the organizers donate to a project of its choosing (more info on the Touch&Play website).


Quiet — respect those around you please. Speak quietly. Tread softly. Earpods are required for laptops and phones. Set phones to vibrate or off. No audible alarms. Quiet hours are 8:00pm – 8:00am. Whispers are appreciated after 10:00pm.

Mosquitos — may be present after a rain or for a couple of hours at dusk. Two insecticide classes (pyrroles and pyrethroids) are approved by over 80 countries and the EU, WHO, and EPA regulatory authorities. These insecticides have been in use for 40 years and have shown to pose very low health risks to humans, amphibians, birds, mammals, and plants but are toxic to insects and kill them. Quarters, mosquito nets, and grounds are periodically treated with these safer insecticides. Take care to keep insect nets closed tightly after entering or exiting bed spaces.

Water — our well water is filtered, tested, and potable. Showers and faucets are water-saving. Heated water is conserved during overnight hours (11:00pm – 5:00am). Waste-water is processed and repurposed for irrigation—so, please only use Camp-provided bio-digestible shampoo/wash.

Pets — no.

Smoking — no.

Alcohol — is not sold, though you may bring your own and consume responsibly.

What to leave at home — shampoo and soap [please only use our provided bio-digestible products]; fragrances [please refrain from using scented products like perfumes, colognes, hair products, etc.]; candles, incense, or anything flammable as the fire danger is significant, smoking is prohibited.

What to bring — you do not need a bathing suit at the beach nor at Camp, but you might need it to go to other places, sandals, a sarong or pareo, sun protection, insect repellant, a book light, at least two fast dry towels [Camp sells these items]; lightweight, loose, cool clothing; medications; reusable water bottle; toiletries that are kind to our anaerobic digester; eyeglasses, sunglasses; earplugs, sleep mask; earpods or headphones [please, no speakerphone use for calls or personal music]; notepad or journal; passport; cash [the two ATMs in Zipolite are occasionally empty]. During fully-attended events, there is limited luggage stow space beyond one carry-on/retreatant.

Laundry — [] Lavandería de Navidad is a good wash/fold laundry nearby (6 min walk). Edith accepts small or large quantities at low cost and will ready your laundry the same or next day (mentioning Camp might ensure fastest service).


at Camp Zipolite

19-26 March 2021