Zipolite, Oaxaca

19-26 March 2021



A week-long, co-created Touch&Play – community experience on the Pacific

The pandemic has socially isolated and exhausted many of us; highlighting our interdependency and solitary nature all at once. This new year brings us a chance to rethread our community tissue; we are eager to embrace and see each other face to face; to roll together in the sand. 

We will use Open Space Technology to share our different ideas, experiences and facilitation styles throughout our daily meetings as our most important medicine. Each participant is a fundamental piece of the orchestration, and we are collectively responsible for what emerges, for the energy that is given or taken away. We’ll take the risk of orienting any moment towards our own service and the common good. We are coming together to bring water from the well of wisdom that becomes available when we cross into the unknown, deciding with compassion and commitment to be present and watch the oceans of experience flow.

We will be hosted by Anthony and Maybel at their brand new home just a stones throw away from the beautiful Zipolite nude beach in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The gathering aims to nurture the Touch&Play community. We are also open to invite a limited number of experienced dancers and seekers who have not yet had the chance to connect with our tribe. Everyone, and such people especially, are asked to take full responsibility for their own limits and well-being during the event and to self manage and evolve any trigger or conflict they might encounter.  If this will be your first time please briefly introduce yourself and motivate your desire to join us. This way we can see if we think it’s a good match (info(at)mexico. touchandplay.org). 

We are carrying in our bodies the collective change that opens doors. It is time for the family to meet; travel from near, from far, come from behind whichever oceans or horizons you are. Do you hear this call?


T&P Mexico will be in CAMP, at Zipolite Beach, on the Costa Chica of Oaxaca, the shore of the Sierra Madre del Sur of Mexico.

CAMP is constructed in harmony with nature and to hold an atmosphere of tranquillity to support healthy ways of inhabiting, relating, and creating. 

Zipolite is a small town on the South Pacific Coast in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It was largely isolated from the rest of Mexico before an anarchic camper enclave, a “hippie paradise”, formed here in the 1970s, and nudity was legalized in 2016. It has numerous beaches beautiful natural places and mountains with magical villages.

When you ask us why we love Zipolite, we think of its tolerance: anyone is welcome here. Not a resort, Zipolite or “Playa de los Muertos” (beach of the dead) is known for rugged countercurrents—in both the ocean riptide and social nonconformist meanings.  

This small place self-selects for people who identify themselves by more than consumerism. The people attracted here usually present exactly as they seem. They love Zipolite’s freedom, and they devotionally return. We love the people you can meet here, how open and amazed by life they often are. There is diversity and a tranquil, chill attitude. 



Production team: Maybel Ovalles I Daniel Hayes

Curation team: Maybel Ovalles, Daniel Hayes, Anthony Lione, Queralt·Lina  Jorba

Host: Camp crew

Pictures: Anna Maynard, Tommy Venus

Logo design: Cassey Loomis

Web: Lina

Contact:    contact@mexico.touchandplay.org