We are aware that our calling to gather during these exceptional times carries risks. There is a risk to you if you decide to join us. The inevitable journey you will need to make to arrive in Zipolite will expose you to a higher likelihood of contracting COVID and other infectious diseases than isolating at home. Only you can make that choice. There is also a risk that others carrying COVID join the gathering and that you become infected and might need to seek treatment in Mexico. Is that a risk you are willing to accept? If you are feeling at all hesitant after reading these words please consider respecting your doubts and joining us at a next T&P gathering.

It could also be possible that participants become infected unknowingly and transmit the disease to loved ones at home or to strangers during their travel home. The  responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen is ours as organizers. In this sense we are adopting a strict COVID protocol which all participants will be required to adhere to and which is outlined below.

Finally we want to recognize our civic responsibility to protect the Mexican health services from becoming overloaded and will closely monitor the case numbers in Oaxaca to assure that our gathering would not harm others by denying them the care they deserve. Please read our Right & Responsibilities during the registration process to understand the details of what that means.

COVID protocol     

  1. Practice enhanced safety for 7 days before arrival at Camp. During this time, don’t spend unmasked time indoors with anyone outside your bubble. Use a mask if the people inside your bubble are frontline workers or people potentially exposed to covid. Stay with your most domestic relationships, narrowing contact with others.
  2. While traveling, I agree to wear a certified N95 or KN95 mask at all times. I also agree to sterilize my hands after touching surfaces that might have been touched by others.


  3. If you test positive or show any COVID related symptoms 10 days or less before the start of the event or if you’ve been in contact with a known COVID case during this time please stay at home and cancel your participation.


  4. Upon arrival at CAMP we will socially distance and keep our masks on until the event organizers have administered a rapid antigen test to you. You can bring your own test or acquire one at CAMP for $10,- per test.


  5. If your test results are negative you are welcome remove your mask, break social isolation and join the event. If you test positive you will be required to go for a PCR test in town. You will not be able to join the event until you are able to share a negative test result and doctor’s certificate and will have to provide for your own room and board during this time.


  6. At Camp people will share rooms and it is not possible to isolate within Camp.
  7. We will provide equipment for participants to test their own temperature throughout the event.


  8. If anyone at Camp contracts COVID or suspects they’ve contracted COVID, we will handle quarantine internally. If someone shows symptoms, they agree to take a rapid test, wear a mask, and socially distance while still being connected to the group. If they test positive for Covid, they will quarantine in the designated space and refrain from participating in group activities.


  9. For the 8 days of the experience: no indoor unmasked time with people outside the gathering. All time indoors with people outside the group should be minimized. We are not inviting outsiders to Camp, we are agreeing to a contained bubble. 
  10. We will take the same precautions returning home as we did on our outbound journey.
  11. Once home we will socially isolate for at least 5 days to minimize the chance of spreading any infections we might have incurred during our travel. 
  12. The pandemic is constantly changing and the organizers will stay attuned to and inform registered participants to its progression locally and regionally. 

If local, regional or national risk profiles, travel or other restrictions make the event unsustainable the organizers can postpone or cancel the event.

Read the Rights and Responsaibilities


at Camp Zipolite

19-26 March 2021